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Ambassador For Change NUAHT, Rutgers Law School Student, Captain in the United States Marine Corps

Alycia Schwamb is currently a second-year law student. She was first exposed to the human trafficking world in an undergraduate study abroad trip to Thailand where she worked as a social worker at a halfway house for human trafficking survivors. A passion to fight against human trafficking ignited in her and grew only stronger upon returning to the United States and learning just how much of this heinous crime goes on unnoticed in our own neighborhoods. After college, she served four years active duty in the United States Marine Corps, then became the public policy committee team leader for an anti-human trafficking organization in Long Island. A member of her team was a practicing nurse of twenty years who voiced concerns about the lack of training on human trafficking their healthcare facility provided to workers. Upon researching this issue, Alycia discovered that this was a nationwide issue in most healthcare facilities, and that the lack of training negatively impacted healthcare experiences for a large population of human trafficking victims. Thus began her passion and pursuit to improve training healthcare workers receive on the topic of human trafficking.

Zachary Kravetz earned his BA from the University of Florida and is recently graduated medical student from Florida Atlantic University. His first experience with human trafficking was learning about the tragedy of human trafficking through his undergraduate medical education. In his pursuit to become a pediatrician, he has learned about the high prevalence of human trafficking that affects children throughout the United States. He decided to become a strong advocate to fight the spread of these horrors of trafficking. He has served as a student member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Leadership Council where he has been an advocate to increase medical training to raise awareness and promote prevention of child and labor trafficking. He hopes to support the interprofessional effort between various members of the healthcare team to combat trafficking and improve the health of all children. He hopes to continue his advocacy to support victims and prevent the expansion of human trafficking throughout his residency training and further into his future career as a pediatrician. 

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Ambassador For Change NUAHT, MD, 

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